Monday, November 24, 2008

Shameless self-bragging!

I just ran all 3.5 miles of our usual walking route. I'm so ecstatic! I've been doing a walk/run combo for a couple of weeks now, but today was the first day I had it in me to run the whole way. The boys were perfect, sleeping witnesses to my achievement but woke the second we got home so we're celebrating with some yummy clementines.

I've now lost 50 of the 65 pounds I set out to lose. With a little discipline (fewer pastries and daily exercise), it's been easier than I anticipated so hopefully I'll be in my skinny pants soon!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Tag! I'm it.

I was tagged by both Leslie and Meredith several weeks ago and have been building a post in my head until I had time to respond. Now I have some time to list 7 random things about myself:

1. I'm horribly obsessed with textures. I'm very particular about how textiles feel on my skin and certain things irk me to no end. I can't tolerate sand on my skin. I dislike satin against my hands and feet. Fleece and jersey material is fine to wear so long as I don't have to touch it. My parents still regale the horrors of getting my socks' seams right on my feet as a kid (my dad once cut the toes from my ballet tights after such a battle). Because of this quirk, I have an obsession with lotion. Lotion seems to mollify my aversions somewhat but not completely.

2. Drains gross me out. If I have to clean or touch a drain I usually gag. I also refuse to stand near a drain in the shower or tub.

3. I'm terrible at follow through. I've learned a lot of different skills in my 27 years, but I'm terrible at finishing items (sewing, knitting, scrapbooks, woodworking, upholstery). I'm working on that though...for the time being that is. ;)

4. I'm particular about numbers. There isn't a rhyme or reason to my preferences but I know them when I see them. For instance, Moses' birthday is 11/28/06. 1+1 is 2. 2 from 8 is -6 (and the slashes could denote an absolute value, which would make the answer 6 or 06). My mind finds these weird connections to make the numbers desirable. My drivers' license is a jumble of 1s, 0s, and 5s - I love it!

5. I eat the foods on my plates one at a time - all the green beans, all the mashed potatoes, all the bread...and my drink is always last (I'm also no longer a vegetarian since my last pregnancy when I craved chicken. Now, I eat chicken and turkey sparingly).

6. I took 8 years of Latin in school. I really enjoyed it and while I can't actually speak it, it is helpful on occasion.

7. I'm obsessed with puns! I've gotten less annoying with age, but I still enjoy a good pun and go out of my way to point them out. Dave found an annual pun competition in Austin that I'd love to attend. I'd compete except that the practice for such an event my be overkill for my family (aka practice audience). I can't wait until the boys are able to understand and enjoy puns.

( A more recent addition could be that I've bec0me obsessed with the Twilight Saga. There are very few books I've read more than once (the only other I can think of is Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn), but I'm currently reading the four books for the second time and I'm about to embark on a third reading of each. Too bad the movie is a stinker. Sigh.)

I'm tagging Laura, Misty, Megan, Nicole, Patty, Jennifer, and Ashley B!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


2008. I thought I should specify the year these photos were taken since so much time has lapsed since my last post. 2009 could have been a possibility.

Our family kept Halloween low-key, but we still enjoyed the usual costuming. Moses reprised his Yoda role from last year, and we slapped a Monkey hat on Milo. Voila! Halloween.

Since both boys are too young to really trick-or-treat, we visited Gran and Granpop's house for one treat - a toy monster truck. I really hope Moses doesn't think future trick-or-treating will yield such prizes or he's in for a real let down.

We then went to our friends' house to hand out candy with them and enjoy the holiday. They have two daughters, Vivian, who is 8 months older than Moses, and Olivia, who is just a month older than Milo. Moses and Vivian enjoyed handing out candy, but Moses threw in the towel after spotting a kid in a monster mask. The ensuing freak out was legendary. Since he wasn't the same happy kid after that, they shed their costumes and played to their hearts' content.