Sunday, November 18, 2007

All the makings of a boating-enthusiast

Moses is getting closer and closer to saying real words, but it's still a lot of gobbledygook. He says "da" to refer to Dave and Doggy Bella, but that's really been the only sound with meaning.

Moses learned to point recently, and while he is pointing, he clearly says, "Yacht." We think it's "that," but we aren't entirely sure. He also says it when he gets excited and isn't pointing so we don't know what to make of it. Considering his love of water and this new knack for naming a watercraft, we're certain he's got sailing in his future.

-The Skipper

Friday, November 16, 2007


I've missed some bloggable moments lately because of school so I thought I'd backtrack a little bit.

The first weekend in November Moses and I went to visit my Mom, Kelly and sisters (Raychel and Paige). We stayed one night in Wichita Falls (where they live) and then we all drove to Dallas the next day as part of Raychel's 18th birthday celebration at the Gaylord Texan. From that little time on the road and without Dave, I've learned that a) Moses needs about 18 hours to adjust to a new situation (so don't count on holding him anytime before that) b) I could never be a single mom c) I shouldn't let Moses out of the stroller because he'll just want to push it, slowly, around the store d) Moses loves Mylar balloons.

We had a really good time visiting family and look forward to an even longer visit around Christmas time.

(not really a piano man)

(the birthday girl!)

Moses with my Mom (Gram Gram)

Me with (L-R) sisters (Raychel and Paige) and cousin (Alyssa)

I also taught Moses the sport of pillow diving, which has made for some hilarious afternoons.

Dave and I've been hard at work in the front yard trying to get shrubs planted before winter sets in. Moses is a huge help with the equipment.

(yes, I'm holding the shovel handle!)

We've also learned that Moses is a big fan of The Arcade Fire. PBS played one of their Austin City Limits concerts the other afternoon and Moses went nuts. It's really the first time Moses has had a response to any sort of music so we are pleased he has good taste.


Monday, November 12, 2007

We're officially a three-ring circus.

Dave and I are happy to announce that we were married on Friday, November 9th at 3 o'clock in the afternoon!

We've wanted to get married for some time now and Friday was the opportunity we'd been waiting for. We love this time of year, and I'm obsessed with numbers working well together (11/09/07) so the day was perfect (and in the mid 70s to top it off!). Dave, Moses, and I went down to the courthouse where the Honorable Judge Hansen married us in his courtroom. It was just the three of us with the judge, and there was something very special and intimate about that. The judge also incorporated Moses in our vows, which was a special touch and brought on the waterworks (okay, my waterworks).

In five minutes time, we were skipping along as husband and wife and child...and nearly run over by a woman certain she could operate her car in reverse while smoking and talking on a cell phone. After taking a minute to concoct possible headlines for the near-disaster (Newlyweds flattened by PT Cruise-er; Marriage falls flat in record time), we ran the usual post-ceremony errands (Sonic!) and headed home.

Later that afternoon, our sweet neighbor took photos of us at a local arboretum to commemorate the big day, and that evening, Sally (Gram) and Maegan (Aunt Maegan) came over to watch Moses while Dave and I celebrated with dinner and drinks.

I couldn't imagine a better, more relaxing wedding day.

-Mrs. Ring