Monday, December 3, 2007

His first birthday!

On November 28th, Moses turned one! I can't believe he's one already: it's gone by so fast! I was emotional all day just thinking about that wonderful Tuesday that he was born. We went about our day the same as usual. He went to PDO because I had two classes and schoolwork , which was tough because I really wanted to hang out with him! Here are some pictures from that morning. He was more interested in playing and running around the yard than snuggling with his mom for some pictures. He's such a toddler now.

He also received a balloon bouquet from his Gram-Gram (my mom, Kelly and sisters) because he adored the balloons at his Aunt Raychel's party.

And no, he still doesn't have any teeth.



Maegan said...

I love the pics of you and Moses and the one of him licking the balloon..too funny!
I am tagging you. You must write 7 random facts about yourself and Moses and then send it out to 7 other lucky bloggers. Good Luck!

Everyday stuff said...

Happy Birthday to Moses! Dont worry the second birthday is not as sad! :) Pat your self on the back, you've raised a child for one year and he seems to be very happy and healthy! Have a wonderful Christmas!