Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Congested (but still cute)

(yes, that is a dimple--there are dimples. Plural!)

I took Milo into the doctor this morning because his spit up looked as if he'd drank raw egg and he was incredibly upset yesterday. Our regular doctor was out so we saw a nurse practitioner we've seen once before. She said Milo is very congested and has mucus running down his throat, which causes him to gag and spit up more and aggravates any reflux he already has. All the congestion is upsetting his stomach, too, which is causing all the more discomfort. Poor kid. He's still too young for any meds so we're trying some more homeopathic methods she suggested. I'm hoping this isn't a sign of another ear infection prone kid. I blame Dave and I's horrible allergies for all ours sons' congestion issues. Grr...

On the plus side, the nurse was amazed at Milo's level of head control and repeatedly mentioned how impressed she was. As we were leaving she said he's at least 3 weeks ahead developmentally! It is crazy how much difference those 3 additional weeks gestating has made for Milo versus Moses: it seems Milo's already leaps and bounds of Moses in certain areas. There's nothing like a little sibling rivalry. Sigh.

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