Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday Party!

Even though Moses couldn't have cared less, I threw him a tiny (smaller than tiny, actually, only 4 invitations went out and 3 of those were to family members) birthday party last weekend. Planning birthday parties is the only chance I seem to have at creativity these days. This year's party centered around planes since Moses loves anything relating to transportation. This wedding cake was my inspiration for the invitations and cupcakes.

I used a cupcake tower to display the devil's food cupcakes I made. Each was iced and topped with white cotton candy "clouds." I then used some wire to attach painted wooden biplanes to the cupcake tower structure. I added two red ribbon banners behind each plane, one that read "Happy" and another that read "Birthday."

Moses had a great time playing with his friend, Vivian, and visiting with Dave's parents. Moses wasn't into his cupcake (probably because Dave had already given him two cupcakes that day) but he successfully blew out one of his candles! He received even more Thomas the Train gear to add to what he'd already received (he's hit the train phase in a big way). He also got a dinosaur interactive book that he enjoys so long as we skip over the Tyrannosaurus Rex page.

Since Moses missed his napped that afternoon he was a bit a zombie for most of the party and ended up crashing shortly after everyone was gone.


David, Meghan, and Brady Azam. said...

You are too creative! I'll have to rent you out for Brady's 1st b-day!

lfhcreative said...

those cupcakes are so fun! and the invitation, too cool. :)

Leslie said...

Oh how fun! Love the invitations and love the cupcakes. And what a perfect boyish theme!

Mrs.M said...

How creative are you???

TOO cute!

Mrs. B. said...

adorable. you are so stinkin' creative!