Monday, January 26, 2009

A return to normalcy

Well, I (we) made it! The boys and I picked Dave up from the airport last Wednesday night (and fell to our knees, fervently begging him not to leave again!) His trip to DC for the inauguration went fantastically though so, in retrospect, we were more than happy to part with him for those 5 days. It was a little rough in the sleep department for me though. I had both boys in bed with me since Moses has night terrors/nightmares and usually wakes up screaming a couple times a night (and those screams would startle Milo into crying). I think my current cold stems from those sleepless nights.

At the airport, several parents and students just gabbed my ear off with praise for Dave -- as a teacher and travel agent. It was yet another moment I was proud to be his wife. Moses was delighted to see him again but at first sight he wasn't sure what to do -- as if Dave's image was a mirage. Once he got over it, he clung to Dave as the students oohed and awed over the twosome.

Since I've deprived my last few posts of pictures, here are some taken during our week without Dave:

Dave also had a little more press coverage (without nervous balance-of-powers goofs) during and after the trip so we're relishing his 15-minutes!

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