Monday, July 16, 2007

Hittin' the Bottle

For months now, we've tried to get Moses to take a bottle. Although he's never been fond of them (I blame our infrequent use of them in his early months), he stopped taking them back in March after my kidney stone required he use them for two days. But with the need for Moses to attend a Parent's Day Out in the fall so I can attend on-campus classes fast approaching, I was desperate for him to use one. We tried this bottle and this one too. Nothing worked.

That is until last Saturday, July 14, 2007.

I was cleaning his room, looking for items to stow away in the garage when I spotted the Avent bottles we attempted to use when Moses was teeny tiny but ended up storing because they flowed too fast for him. Could they work? NO! Maybe?

Ready for one more attempt, I filled a small bottle with 3 parts warm water, 1 part white grape juice. Voila! He latched on immediately and drank a whole ounce. ONE OUNCE! And yesterday, 3 ounces. THREE OUNCES! Today, a whole 4 ounce bottle! A WHOLE BOTTLE! He's definitely making progress with his bottle aversion, and when he's 100% cool with juice bottles, we'll begin experimenting with breast milk ones.

My fall semester, and his first attempt at socialization, is safe. Good boy.


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