Saturday, August 11, 2007

No! Sleep! For Moses!

For nearly two weeks now, Moses has shunned his long-standing bedtime of 7:30 for one that's 3-5 hours later. Dave and I can't figure out why he's changed his bedtime since we've kept his routine the same, but we think the change might have something to do with Moses' growing mobility.

In the past month, he's quickly progressed from crawling to pulling up to cruising with assistance. Our typical day now consists solely of walking (with me holding his hands for support) : walk to the sofa; walk to the chair; walk to toy basket; walk to the chair again.

This newfangled mobility opened the door to exploring new things, and we're pretty certain the excitement of such novelties has contributed to his new night-owl behavior, and leaving him in his crib, a.k.a The Track, only affords him more time to practice walking, not sleeping. Sure Mos, that's why we put you in your crib each night, to walk.

It's a riot to watch his brain's wheels turn and see him learn such toddler-ish things, but soon, I'll need to walk to the chiropractor; I'm tempted to just resign myself to the hunchback lifestyle and take up residence in the church bell tower across the street.

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