Thursday, August 9, 2007

The wind in his hair, er, hat.

Today Moses and I went to Wagner Park for some fresh air and playtime. He swung (such an odd word) for the first time and really enjoyed it, even at the snail's pace I pushed.

We also hung out in the shade and munched on puffed rice, but with the temperature in the mid-80s, we didn't last too long. Moses used his best non-verbal skills to tell me IT. WAS. TOO. HOT!



Mrs. B. said...

Hey Linds! I keep up with your blog as you post and I love Moses' little hat. What a cutie he is. Just wanted to drop in and say "hey!"

Everyday stuff said...

Oh Moses is getting so BIG I havent see you guys since forever how are things going? Are you ready for school to start? I'm not, hope to talk to you soon Misty