Monday, November 12, 2007

We're officially a three-ring circus.

Dave and I are happy to announce that we were married on Friday, November 9th at 3 o'clock in the afternoon!

We've wanted to get married for some time now and Friday was the opportunity we'd been waiting for. We love this time of year, and I'm obsessed with numbers working well together (11/09/07) so the day was perfect (and in the mid 70s to top it off!). Dave, Moses, and I went down to the courthouse where the Honorable Judge Hansen married us in his courtroom. It was just the three of us with the judge, and there was something very special and intimate about that. The judge also incorporated Moses in our vows, which was a special touch and brought on the waterworks (okay, my waterworks).

In five minutes time, we were skipping along as husband and wife and child...and nearly run over by a woman certain she could operate her car in reverse while smoking and talking on a cell phone. After taking a minute to concoct possible headlines for the near-disaster (Newlyweds flattened by PT Cruise-er; Marriage falls flat in record time), we ran the usual post-ceremony errands (Sonic!) and headed home.

Later that afternoon, our sweet neighbor took photos of us at a local arboretum to commemorate the big day, and that evening, Sally (Gram) and Maegan (Aunt Maegan) came over to watch Moses while Dave and I celebrated with dinner and drinks.

I couldn't imagine a better, more relaxing wedding day.

-Mrs. Ring


Meredith said...

Congratulations, Mrs. Ring! I'm so happy for the 3 of you....that's so awesome!

The Bus Driver said...

YEAH!!! Congratulations!!!! I am teary-eyed just reading about it. What a perfect day!

Mrs. B. said...

Congrats! How exciting. You looked lovely. :)

Nicole said...

Aww, congratulations. You 3 are a beautiful family.

Everyday stuff said... are one smart bride...the JP is the best way to go!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, Congratulations! Sounds like it was wonderful.