Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall, Out Boys

I'm quickly learning how precious time is once your second child is out of that newborn stage. Milo is no longer sleeping a majority of the time, and while he's developing a routine, I still find my hands the fullest they've ever been: it seems I'm constantly keeping cars from getting microwaved while wiping up oodles of spit up and juggling a cup of coffee. Don't even get me started on the house.

As always, I've composed many a blog in my head only to not have the time to get my thoughts down on keyboard. I've been more diligent about taking photos though since it's the easier form of blogging these days. Here are some highlights:

Fall Planting: We bought some ferns and fall annuals for our back patio. Moses was incredibly helpful and quickly picked up on the dos (the don'ts were a little harder to comprehend). After he saw me packing the dirt around our newly planted flowers, he was suddenly a professional gardener and insisted that he pack the dirt around all our plants, new and old.

Milo watched us plant, pounding his fists when he wasn't satisfied with our pace. All his direction paid off though--I love fall colors.

Pensive Progeny: Milo reached a new level of awesomeness while sleeping. Such a thoughtful boy.

He's just one cool dude all-around though.

Cocoa: We're still taking our long walks most mornings even though the weather is turning chilly, and our new favorite thing is having a cup of hot chocolate when we get home. Even though Moses' mug only has a couple of ounces, it's the highlight of his morning--he even wakes up talking about "co-co." If these eyes and lips don't scream satisfaction, I don't know what else would.

Well, it's off to bed. I aim to blog most nights but usually end up falling asleep with Milo, at least tonight was a success!

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David, Meghan, and Brady Azam. said...

I'm impressed with your planting! I haven't planted flowers or plants in years...I could never find the time even without a baby. So, in my mind planting flowers with two children is something to be praised. Bravo!