Sunday, March 8, 2009

And then, day four.

I spoke too soon. The pox started doubling, maybe tripling, on Saturday night, and Moses woke today with them everywhere. His chest and back are just one giant blob of calamine lotion at this point, but thankfully his arms and legs aren't afflicted much. His poor little face and scalp have them, though, and one eye is red in the inside corner, which makes me wonder if he has one on or around his eye.

All things considered, he's doing well. We played a lot today: outside, prepping the backyard for summer, and inside, dancing and running around the house as we practiced counting laps. We've also been passing the time with lots of tattoos and stickers. Tonight he's resting more peacefully than last night because I remembered to give him some Benadryl to relieve the itching. I think the nights are the worst for him because he's so much more aware of the intense itchiness he's suffering.

The good news is that he's over or almost over the worst part now. I'm keeping an eye on brother though. We're nearly at the beginning of the 10-to-21-day incubation period.

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Mrs. B. said...

Oh...poor little guy. BUT! If I lived anywhere near you guys we'd be having a pox party. My kids reeeeally need to get them ;)
Stick it out, Mommy, you'll be glad you did.
Your boys are precious.