Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anybody out there?

My poor little blog, how I've forgotten you. Not forgotten so much as neglected in favor of other things like school, sleep, cooking, cleaning, and other crucial needs.

We're on the other side of Chicken Pox for both boys now. Milo didn't actually come down with it until 21 days after Moses. Milo's fever that we wrote off as a Chicken Pox symptom was actually a double ear infection, poor boy. When he eventually came down with the pox, I was hugely surprised because our pediatrician said that we were out of the woods if he didn't have them 8 days after Moses since the exposure was so intimate. Wrong! He had very few pox though and seemed to weather the virus well. Now, we won't need that vaccination for either boy!

Milo's been crawling for several weeks now and two weeks ago he started pulling up on everything. It's a lost cause to hope he'll just sit in one place anymore. He's cruising our furniture, too, but with lots of supervision since he's still pretty unsteady.

Moses is doing really well too. He's still obsessed with trains, construction vehicles, and sports. I bought a great Tonka truck coloring book from the dollar store, but he doesn't color in it: he just carries it all over the house and we read it like a book. We've also discovered "Mighty Machines." I thought they looked ridiculous initially, but the shows are really pretty great. The DVDs talk about a variety of vehicles and explain what each does and why they do it. It's pretty crazy how much Moses talks while watching those. Boys.

By the way, Moses is most assuredly a lefty! Dave's already planning Moses' sports career. Too bad they don't make sports toys for lefties at this age.

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JDM said...

Wow! I'm super impressed by Milo's motoring around. I can't believe he's already furniture walking! Busy days for you, eh?

What a cute pic of Moses concentrating on his golf swing :) He's a handsome little athlete!

Glad you guys are on the other side of the pox. Not looking forward to that one day...