Thursday, April 30, 2009

Up, up, up!

For two weeks now, Milo's been standing solo, solo I say! Not only that, but he can now stand on his own, no props needed. He just pushes his little tush up in the air and voila!, he stands. He gets so tickled by his standing--he just flaps his arms and claps and giggles. Such a cutie.

We always thought Moses' mobility came early, but brother's milestones are coming even sooner. A little sibling rivalry perhaps? I think he just wants to pal around with his brother more.

We don't have too great a video of him standing, but you can kind of see his skills here, from last weekend:

(Did you hear Moses say "Mi -Lo?" He's been practicing his Ls lately and accentuates them nonstop. Mi-Lo. Ye-LLow. He-LLo.)


Growing up said...

Oh wow! Jake just started to do this a few days! And wooohoo for L's give him a tricky most kids in her class call her willy...oops!

Mrs.M said...

I feel like he was just born! He's growing up SO fast. What a cutie! :)