Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This is How We Roll

In January, Dave and I discovered the joys of the Moby Wrap sling. It's basically two million feet of fabric that wrap around you to create the most comfortable sling ever. Once you get past the initial what-do-I-do-with-all-this-fabric intimidation factor, it's a life-saver. This sling is how I currently get anything done throughout the day. He loves to hang out, sleep, dance, etc. in it, and while this picture doesn't illustrate the best form, you can see how much little Mos enjoys it. We'd be lost without it!



Anonymous said...

Nice form... :) You should ask Megan- the Moby is amazing- it also serves to strap the baby to the shopping basket, fill in for puked-on-clothes, and 5 million feet of blanket. The added benefit is that if you ever forget you are wearing it with no baby in it (happens more than you would think), people will think you are a samurai....

Moses said...

And I have forgotten it a few times. The added warmth always gave it away.

And, I call Dave Obi-Wan when he's mid-wrap. I smell cheap Halloween costume!