Monday, September 17, 2007


Today was the 1st day of Parent's Day Out for Moses, again.

And, it went well--thanks in part to him being the only baby present for a better part of the day. When we arrived, I hung around for an hour until he seemed comfortable enough with his new caretakers (who are really sweet and fun). When I left, he didn't fuss too much because they successfully distracted him with a stroller ride.

Moses does love a good stroller ride.

From the rest of their report, he really did well considering we'd hit the reset button on his PDO experience. He didn't drink any milk but was willing to eat some baby food (!) and take a short nap, and another short nap.

I didn't have to pick him up early either which was a relief to me! I was able to get a lot of work done and feel prepared for once. We know it'll still take some time for him to adjust and feel more comfortable , but this is a great start.

Today was such a good day!

He's discovered that he can scrunch up his eyes when he laughs (so it's the only way to laugh)

He has a stuffy nose so his mouth is constantly agape.

Here, Moses drums up some laughs.


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