Friday, September 14, 2007

Parent's Day Out!

On August 27th, Moses attended his first day of Parent's Day Out at Trinity Church.

On September 12th, Moses attended his last day of Parent's Day Out at Trinity Church.

Originally, Moses was to attend Monday and Wednesday from 8-3:15, but he wasn't too fond of being away from his mama so he would cry hysterically for most of the day, refusing to eat or sleep, so I picked him up when around lunch time after I'd finished class. We kept expecting him to improve, and on Monday, September 10th, we thought we'd crossed that bridge. However, shortly after dropping him on on the 12th, I received a call that they didn't have the staff to attend to Moses' needs and that I needed to pick him up. I understand their decision, but it's frustrating that they gave up after only 4.5 days (roughly 26 hours) and now he has to start over again.

We've found another PDO that seems more laid back and we hope that Moses has an easier transition there. Keep us in your prayers--I need this time in order to get my school work done.


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