Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun with Photoshop

Early this week I downloaded Adobe's trial version of Photoshop Elements 6. I've always wanted to learn my way around Photoshop and Illustrator, but at $600 a pop, it's not a practical hobby at the moment. I'm learning that Elements is a good alternative, especially since the price is an eighth of the other softwares'.

So, in my non-existent leisure time, I've been playing around with some of my favorite pictures, making signatures for an online message board I frequent. I'm pretty pleased with the results:


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Everyday stuff said...

Hey, you know can but adobe photoshop and other fun stuff from with your studen info its really cheap! I've been using photoshop for umm 7 years of my life now and I cant live with out its one of the best things ever! Anyways I thought I would share that tip with you! You should make his birthday invites while you've got!