Monday, October 15, 2007

Like a mule.

As most of you know, Moses has never sat. By sat, I mean he has never ever sat in the traditional way--on his behind with his legs out front. If we try to sit him that way, he arches his back so we are forced to let him stand or lay flat on his back. Even in the bath, he reclines himself or stands, but he won't sit up. I brought this up to his pediatrician at Moses' last appointment, and he said that as long as he can physically sit up (which he does in his stroller or a shopping cart) then there's nothing to worry about and he's just showing preference.

In the past month, Moses has perfected his own version of sitting and does it all the time now. I think it's downright adorable.

Now, I can finally get some professional pictures done.


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Everyday stuff said...

oh how sweet is that! Lily remembered Moses! she was sitting on my lab talking to him! Maybe he has better blance that way or he just doesnt like to strech his leg out that way...silly boy!