Tuesday, October 23, 2007


All these months of denying that Moses has my sensitive, eczema-prone skin went down the drain this morning.
Moses woke up with bright red cheeks, which at first I thought was due to our use of the heater last night and that his skin was simply dry. Then, we noticed that he had spots on his torso too. Thinking it was related to the mysterious short-lived fever he had Friday night, I called the doctor and he suggested I bring him in.
I was certain it was going to be Fifth Disease (not really a disease) because of the brightness of his cheeks, unexplained fever, and restlessness over the past few nights, but Dr. Gray said that even though Moses probably had a viral infection last week that contributed to the rash, it is ultimately his dry, sensitive skin that's causing the problem and that it's his body's way of telling us we're in for a long winter.
Great. I guess this year we're going double our purchases of vaseline, baby oil, and shea butter creme lotion and put the humidifier on wheels. I'm sorry kiddo.

(Now, after applying some Aquaphor, his cheeks look 75% better.)


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Everyday stuff said...

I feel your pain! Lily has eczema and she scratch at it all night long and so in the morning her hands are bleeding! I did find the best cream at cvs it was over the counter and its works better then our rx stuff! Also I give lily a ten min bath every night and I put in the aveno bath soothers stuff and it has really helped. I was very unsure of a daily bath until the allergist told me that if she has something on her skin and I like her go to bed that way it was going to bother her more and what not. Anyways I hope your winter is not too bad! I'm sure Lily would love to help you out with the vaseline!