Tuesday, May 27, 2008

18-Month Check Up

Before Moses and I went out of town Friday morning, we had his 18 month check up. It was a relatively uneventful doctor's visit so we were on the road in no time at all (details to come). His weight was 24 pounds 9 ounces (30th percentile), his height was 34.5 inches (97th percentile), and his head circumference was 49.9 centimeters (93rd percentile). Dave joked that he's a pumpkin head on a toothpick body.

He still only has four teeth, but he's teething right now so we expect to see some new ones pop through during the summertime. Despite having so few teeth at his age, he's a good eater and can keep up with his many-toothed peers.

He also doesn't have too great a vocabulary, but he's really started picking up words and sounds faster lately. I think it's a benefit to have cold (and ear infection) season behind us so hopefully that'll help with his language acquisition. Dr. Gray wasn't worried about it (and we're not either) as boys are slower than girls in that department and Moses is on target for everything else. We're just eager to open up the lines of communication.


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