Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wall

Despite being only 29 weeks, I feel like I have hit a wall in this pregnancy. Maybe it's the staggering heat I was exposed to over the weekend (97 degrees and severe humidity!), but I have no energy for anything and my body is revolting against me with newfound aches and pains. I'm just not one of those women who are joyously pregnant and I will certainly never have 18 children and even a third might be pushing it. I doubt my body (physically and mentally) is capably of carrying a child to 40 weeks so, at this point, I'm hoping this boy makes an early, healthy appearance like Moses did.

School starts this week so it's back to the books for the next month. Luckily, this summer session only lasts until June 28th and then I'm taking a break from school until next spring (my final semester of graduate school)!

Dave finishes teaching this week and then he'll be home with us for the summer. I'm hoping that with his help I can muster up enough energy to finish some projects before baby #2 arrives.

I'm hoping to post pictures from our weekend in Wichita Falls in the next day or two. Despite the heat, we had a wonderful time, and Moses especially enjoyed his Cozy Coupe:



Everyday stuff said...

I semi know the feeling I've only got 6 weeks until I'm 38 weeks and I can be induced but the heat is what is really killing me and we have a trip planned this weekend in san antonio and a fun packed day at sea world and I'm afraid that after an hour of the heat I'll be in the pool with the whales!

lfhcreative said...

Pregnancy is infinitely longer the second time around! I am sure thats not scientifically sound, but it seems like it lasts FOREVER. Hang in there and feel free to come over and hop in our refreshing kiddie pool. :) We really should get together soon!