Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 2nd "Day"

I've been meaning to regale you dear readers with the quiet details of my second official Mother's Day, but the Mother's Day activities themselves have had me in an allergy coma for the last few days but I'm finally coming out the other side.

Mother's Day weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. Saturday evening, Gran (Sally) watched Moses so Dave and I could catch a movie. It may not sound like a big deal, but that was the first "date" Dave and I have had since we got married in November! Moses hasn't exactly been a chill kid so we're excited that he's finally mellowing out and not overreacting to every new situation (like being babysat)! He was so worn out from his time there that he went down an hour early, too--falling asleep while showering with Dave and remaining asleep while I put on his pajamas. I wish I could tire him out like that every day, but I know that with his fatigue would come my own, and I just can't bounce back like he can.

Mother's Day was equally unproductive and productive since we spent most of the day either napping and working in the yard. Outside, Dave removed an annoying tree stump and an oddly placed bush to open up our enclosed patio area and allow for a larger play area. It's a simple but huge improvement. Dave and I got to enjoy our dinner (Dave's grilled shrimp kabobs with mango salsa) in peace since once again Moses pooped out early from another busy day.

Our little gardener: he's a surprisingly good helper in the yard.

Our interior patio area: the removed stump and bush
were near where Dave and Moses are standing.

My Mother's Day doesn't end there though because Dave is treating me to an evening alone in a hotel so that I can get some much needed R & R. It'll also be my first night away from Moses, which is just one more step in our preparations for baby #2's delivery. I can't express how badly I'm looking forward to a solid night's sleep since I usually end up in Moses' room at 4 and fall asleep with him until the morning. I love our snuggling but it doesn't allow for too restful a night.


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