Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, I think I'm (we're) officially nesting. Dave and I spent the past week repainting our kitchen walls and cabinets, replacing the contact paper lining the shelves and drawers and organizing their contents, and repairing the non-existent grout on our tiled counter tops. I seem to be summoning that superhuman energy characterized by the end of pregnancy days. I'm not sure this is the nesting, but I'll take it. It's nice to get things done around here.

I nested with Moses two days before I went into labor. Despite being on bed rest, I had the uncontrollable need to organize all the drawers and closets in our house and no power on Earth could stop me. Of course, when he arrived three days later, the rest of our house wasn't clean because I'd focused only on those drawers and closets. This time, I'm hoping it's a different story.

In the pictures, you really can't see the night-and-day transformation that resulted from our repainting and regrouting, but it's a brand new kitchen. We used the paints leftover from our move-in painting so our house flows together nicely now, sans the kitchen's previous zebra motif. We still have a few ends to wrap up, but I already look forward to cooking for my boys in my new kitchen.

Here's a brief before and after look:



Now we just have our den, bedroom, and sun room to finish up in the coming weeks!


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