Monday, July 14, 2008

Speed bump

Well, Dave and I are still getting this house into shape for the arrival of our second son, and our first, Moses, is lending a hand anywhere he can. All his helping leaves him exhausted, so exhausted that he fell asleep in the middle of the living room this afternoon (clutching a glue stick)--one minute he was playing, the next sleeping. If he weren't my quirky son, I would think something was wrong.

Now, I love watching my boy sleep but having a snoozing toddler in the middle of the living room does not make for a productive afternoon so Dave carefully moved him to his room where he's currently sleeping, still clutching my giant glue stick.



lfhcreative said...

Wow, you wore that boy out! :) The glue stick thing is so funny... it's amazing what they attach themselves too...

As for the mouse, I don't know if Fernando is an appropriate moniker since I haven't seen him. However, he does have expensive taste ruing a whole box of Kashi crackers!

Mrs. B. said...

He is precious!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is TOOO PRECIOUS!!!! Moses is such a handsome little guy!

Claire says hi! AND....she has news, she's going to be a big sister (and we think another girl!)

Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks & I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby.

Congrats Lindsey!

Tracey (from ivillage, although I never go there anymore!)