Friday, February 29, 2008

15-month Check Up

Today, Moses went for his 15-month check up. Dave was off from work today and offered to take Moses to the doctor and PDO so I could sleep in a little! I took him up on the offer but made sure to get all the details from Moses' visit to the doctor.

As usual, Moses is doing well and growing properly. He's 32.5 inches tall (90th percentile), 23 pounds 9 ounces (45th percentile), and 49.3 centimeters in head circumference (95th percentile).

He's got three teeth now, which he won't let us photograph--his two bottom ones are very visible and his top right tooth just broke the surface a couple days ago. We're to schedule his first dentist appointment for the summer. That'll be interesting...

Dr. Gray again suggested that we give him his immunizations, but we are postponing his 1-year and subsequent immunizations until after his 4th birthday or until we learn some definitive answers regarding the possibility of an Autism/MMR vaccine link. As for the other vaccines, I just think his immune system should be more mature before receiving so many live vaccines at once. In my opinion, that's asking a lot of anyone's body, let alone a one-year-old child. These are, of course, our own personal decisions on the matter, and we respect the choices our family and friends make for their own children regarding immunizations. I've just ordered a neutrally-written book on the subject that will help educate us more on the matter and inform our decision making process. Who knows? Maybe we'll make some revisions to our current schedule.

I also realized that I forgot to post his one-year check up information. The post was still in draft form so I just published it this morning but kept my original composition date. You can read it here.


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