Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick sick sick

Last Saturday, Moses woke up with 102.8° fever and it didn't fall below 102 even after we alternated fever reducers. I was certain he had the flu and braced myself for an upset stomach, but that never happened. Instead, his developed chartreuse-green eye discharge and slept all but 2 hours the entire day (night sleep was an entirely different story).

His fever dropped on Sunday, but it was still low grade, and his eye discharge only worsened. He was absolutely miserable on top of that--nothing would console him except the outdoors. I felt bad taking my sick kid outside in 50° weather, but he was happy as a lark out there with all the distractions. We played for nearly 2 hours before he tired and went down for a nap. After his bath that night, his matted, swollen eyelids started pinking and his fever still wasn't any better.

Monday morning, Dave was sweet enough to stay home so that I could get some school work done since we couldn't take Moses to Parent's Day Out. Even though Moses was in a better mood, he still had a fever and looked terrible. Our usual pediatrician was out of the office, but after a crazy string of phone transfers, we got an appointment with Dr. Alkul (which sounded like Dr. Cool on the phone and left us completed puzzled when we were looking for his office). The nice stand-in doctor let us know that Moses had a cold, a terrible double-ear infection (he grimaced when looking in the ears), and pinkeye. I was surprised that Moses had an ear infection since he hadn't tugged at his ears at all, but I should have known better though since his fever and behavior was identical to that first ear infection in November. Dr. Alkul prescribed some not-so-fun meds for Moses and let us on our way with a sucker.

Moses really enjoyed that sucker. And, we enjoyed the quiet time we received from Moses' enjoyment of the sucker.

Today, Moses is doing better. He's still a bit cranky but a good sport and I think he'll be back to himself in no time.


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Everyday stuff said...

Oh gee that is really going around bad! I know a ton of kids in the play group have had all the same problems, and even a 24 hr stomach bug too! I hope you dont catch any of it! Congratulations on your pregnancy!