Friday, February 29, 2008

No Diego, No!

A teacher at Moses' PDO was sweet enough to give Moses a pair of size 5 shoes (more like hiking boots) with Diego on them that her son never wore. Compared to his Pedipeds, the new shoes are enormously heavy and bulky, but I think they'll be great for his treks outdoors since he's really rough on his shoes. I was excited for him to try on the new shoes to see what he'd think of the different style, but I wasn't prepared for the hilarity and freak out that ensued.

Moses wasn't sure what to think of the different shoes and was between crying and laughing the whole time. He walked around, awkwardly stepping, and would start to whine, but then I'd start laughing from the awkwardness of his gait, and he'd start a half whine/giggle. I couldn't help but think of this Monty Python skit while watching him walk.

We'll keep trying the shoes out and see if he can't learn to love them. They really would be excellent for his outdoor explorations!


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