Thursday, February 28, 2008

Straw! Cups!

To complement my previous post about weaning, I thought I'd talk about Moses' new cups! We've been trying to ditch the bottles for sippy cups, but Moses hasn't been a fan of that idea. He'll occasionally drink water or juice from a sippy cup but not enough to constitute change. And, the idea of drinking milk from anything but a bottle, puh-lease!

The only "in" we have is that Moses loves drinking from our cups, especially when a straw is involved. I even bought Dave and myself some neon, bendy straws to encourage Moses to drink from cups more, but that creates a fair amount of drink-hogging on Moses' part. So, yesterday I went on the hunt for some straw cups for Moses and found some great ones from the Take N' Toss line.

When we got home, I filled one with water and gave it to Moses. He smiled so big, as if saying, "This. cup. is. mine?" I wish I had captured that first meeting on camera--he could have been the new poster boy for all things strawed. He hasn't completely mastered the cup and attempts to hold it up like a bottle from time to time, but luckily, it doesn't spill and he's learning that he can't drink with it elevated like that.

The cutest thing about yesterday's meet and greet is that he kept putting the straw cup on his favorite toy, a miniature wooden chair, and pushing it around the house. If he's already introducing the straw cup to THE green chair, he's smitten.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship and we can soon move beyond bottles.


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