Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because I'm pregnant during the summer

I've had the urge to cut off my hair for weeks now despite my recent personal pledge to grow it out. These 40 extra pounds are just making the summer too unbearably hot and my hair was constantly in a sloppy ponytail in attempt to remain cool. This is the shortest I can remember my hair ever being. I like it though and already feel much, much cooler.

It won't always look this pretty since I never blow dry my hair or use a flat iron. Plus, I think styling it with heat would completely defeat the purpose of this short 'do.



lfhcreative said...

Sorry we missed you guys this afternoon! I was either cleaning up baby spit-up or feeding the baby so she could spit-up! Love the little will definitely be used for some photos!

Anonymous said...

Cute hair. Now we want pictures of it curly... ;)

Everyday stuff said...

your hair cut is super cute! I'm all for short hair in the summer! And after all in a few months you'll be shedding hair like crazy and personally I would much rather it be short!

Megan said...

It's very cute! I think wanting short hair is a pregnancy symptom for some of us. I couldn't wait to cut mine off. Looks great!