Friday, June 6, 2008

For those with girls

Since we're all about testosterone in this house, the closest I'll come to dressing a girl is sharing my finds. While on a recent trip to Dollar Store for some storage containers, I happened across the most adorable ruffly, two-tiered, toddler-girl skirts--for only a dollar. I had an sudden urge to buy as many as possible but stopped myself because I would no doubt have trouble justifying the purchase and end up gifting them to friends and random mothers on the street.

I realize there are two schools of thought regarding such establishments and their wares--I do or I sure-as-hell don't. So, if you are in the "I do" category and have a girl, check out your nearest Dollar Store (found here at the one on 50th and Boston).

They are just cute enough that I'm considering a third.


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lfhcreative said...

LOL, like I need to be tempted to buy more girl clothes! I might just have to go check it out... I found baby gap onesies and target baby shoes there last summer.