Friday, June 13, 2008

The benefits of insomnia

For the last week, I've had terrible insomnia--unable to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning. It's usually discomfort, a busy baby, or an overactive mind that keeps me up. I try to sleep in, but it's difficult to get back to sleep once I've been awakened (usually by a tiny boy's voice). I might nap through the day, but it's poor sleep. Thankfully, every few nights my body and mind give out and I crash for a good 5 hours. I talked to my doctor, but surprise, surprise, I'm just destined to not sleep for the next 8 weeks. . . and then for months after that.

So, I've decided to look for the positive with this insomnia:
  1. Magnum P.I. reruns air at 3 a.m. on Fox.
  2. There's no little body to drag dishes from the dishwasher while it's being loaded.
  3. It's easy to get school work done.
  4. I've learned there's a mouse in our kitchen.
That's right, a mouse. I noticed some fuzzy movement on my counter early one morning and have consistently had the little guy's company each night around 2 a.m. since. I'm anti-poisons and kill traps so I've resorted to attempting a catch-and-release and it's getting a bit comical. In a way, I've befriended this mouse with our nightly "I'm gonna get you" game. I haven't had any luck catching him yet, and I feel a bit like a slow giant trying to capture some offending, wee-sized, quick-footed intruder. I sometimes talk to the mouse in slow motion and belt out a fee-fi-fo-fum just for good measure. Crazy, I know. But, it's 3 a.m. and insanity thrives at this hour. I'm calling our landlord tomorrow though because I fear there's more than one and as much as I love furry little creatures, I'm a little tired of this fat-and-mouse game.

By the way, at this moment, I'm naming this boy Tom, Tom Selleck Ring. Thank you, Magnum, for making my early mornings more bearable.


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lfhcreative said...

Insomnia and a mouse! Such fun! I have had to deal with mice (ick!) and pregnancy induced insomnia, but not at the same time. My doc told me it was ok to take Benadryl to help sleep and it saved me and probably my toddler during those last LONG weeks.

As for the mice, we use the kill traps or the kill cat :)