Tuesday, June 10, 2008


If it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, then I'm doing my gender proud. I started in the boys' room with a certain "look" in mind and have since completely changed direction. The back wall was lime green, now it's a brown called Cathedral Gray. The curtains were also green and now they, too, are brown. I'm much, much happier with the room since making the changes and feel like it fits this house and our family better. Moses seems to enjoy it, too--especially his big boy bed.

Here's the finished product:

View from the doorway

Moses' big-boy bed

The silhouette art work

The baby's crib is ready to go

The nesting dolls are my favorite knick-knack

Brown curtains and invaluable storage

The closet and play areas

More fun wall art

Moses is completely out of the crib now, which frees up the crib for his brother. His new bed is currently a trundle bed frame so he won't have far to fall during this big-bed learning period. Eventually, we'll get him a bed that isn't on wheels, unless it's shaped like a race car. Sigh.

The bunting flags were a project I worked on while at a hotel for my Mother's Day gift. I'd been wanting to make them for awhile but it was too labor intensive for my typical night at home. Cutting the flags took forever (I cut 35). Pinking shears would have helped prevent fraying, but since I don't own a pair, I settled for a zig-zag hem. I'm really pleased with the end result and Moses loves to stand beneath them while looking up and exclaim, "whoa, whoa."

There's now a large, free space under the windows where the trundle bed used to be. It's nice to have that space to play in and its size makes it possible to set up his circus tent without cursing its existence every time you pass. I'm planning on adding a small table and chairs in that area soon, too. Hooray for lots of space!

I had hoped to void his room of a theme when we moved to this house, but there's still a travel motif to the room. Considering Moses' current love for all things wheeled though, I think it's appropriate. Plus, we're open to change as his (and his brother's) interests develop.

One room down, 2 more to go.



lfhcreative said...

Very fun! It looks great!

Nicole said...

I LOVE it! Can you come do my house next?

Megan said...

You are so prepared! Silas' crib is still in a thousand pieces and she's almost two weeks old. I love the room!!

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

the room looks fabulous! I love that it's not too theme-y. My favorite little detail is the bunting flags. Thanks for sharing :)