Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Road Trip

We're in the DFW Metroplex this week. Dave is attending a teaching institute so Moses and I decided to tag along for a mini-vacation and last hurrah before his brother arrives. I expected to update and post pictures of our adventures, but it seems that after I packed the camera's USB cord, Dave decided to unpack it so the pictures will have to wait until we return.

We're having a good time here. Moses has gone swimming each day (I even went swimming with him, gasp!) and tomorrow we're going to hit up the Ft. Worth Zoo. I can't wait to see his face when he sees all those animals!

I'll be sure to post all about our adventures when we return later this week.


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Anonymous said...

What? We will be there tmw! When are you leaving? We should get together. Cause, God knows, we live a few miles apart from each other and, if we want to have a playdate, we should drive 350 miles to do it...