Monday, March 24, 2008


With all the excitement of today, I couldn't wait to change the header on the blog to reflect our family's gender imbalance. Some might think I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm not the least bit superstitious in that respect. I'm sad to see "Stop and Smell the Moses" come to an end, but it's time to embrace the foursome we'll become in a matter of months. Sure, "Babe in Boy Land" doesn't have the same ring (no pun intended) as "Stop and Smell the Moses," but it's an accurate depiction of our future familial status. I can't guarantee I've settled on that name, but it'll do for now. I hate that searching for "Babe in Boy Land" returns less-than-family-friendly results so my brain will be working overtime until something better crops up.

On a side note, Harry Potter fans will appreciate Dave's current nickname for our yet unnamed second son--he's been referring to the boy as He-Who-Has-Not-Been-Named (and HWHNBN in print). As a fellow Harry Potter fanatic, I had a good laugh at his brilliance. Of course, in no way are we calling our son evil; we just enjoy a little pop culture reference every now and then.



Mrs. B. said...
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Mrs. B. said...

Oh, I'm not sure what happened with that deleted comment. :( Sorry.
I was just saying that the name is perfection - just as good as the first one.
And I love your blog header. Cuuute!

Mother Ring said...

Thanks Mrs. B! I've adored getting creative with the blog lately.
I was still emailed your original comment so I wanted you to know I'd love to make you one if you'd like. Just email (from profile) the details/pics/etc. and I'll try my best. I'm still a novice but I'll give it a whirl. said...

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Megan said...

HWHNBN is cracking me up! I just read the whole series a couple of months ago and, of course, fell in love with them. Glad to hear you are having fun with the naming process too!