Monday, March 24, 2008

Killing Time

I should be working on my paper (or, really, selecting a topic for that paper), but I can't concentrate on much of anything at the moment--I'm too excited about our appointment this afternoon. To distract my mind, I decided to post some pictures of our living and dining rooms--before and after. It's a bit of a tease, I know, but those two rooms are the only ones I'd consider camera ready. Moses' room is nearly done, but I'm waiting to hang his curtains before taking a picture because his windows are currently covered with newspaper and as much as we'd like to promote our daily rag, I'd rather not introduce his new room to the world while it's covered in the classifieds.

These before pictures are courtesy of Dave's parents. I'm glad they thought to take pictures; I didn't.

And after:

I really do love this house. It's such a great space and has wonderful character. I was sad to give up our wooden floors in the old house, but this one has more to offer in other places. The work we've put into the house so far has transformed its energy and potential tremendously, and it feels more like home now. The bathrooms and kitchen still need some TLC (paint mainly), and I hope to make those summer projects if Dave will commit to being my handyman-extraordinaire since he'll be free all summer.

Well, thanks for the distraction. I'll post more house pictures as I complete rooms--it's much more difficult to get work done with a curious toddler roaming around and a growing baby inhibiting my workload. Case in point, Moses drug out each shelf liner I painstakingly cut to size and placed in each of the kitchen drawers--I later stumbled across a veritable shelf-liner graveyard in the kitchen. I'm hoping the newness and excitement will wear off soon so I can stop re-doing things.

I'll be back this afternoon to post the results of our "big" ultrasound. Pray for healthy baby news!

T-minus 2 hours...



Megan said...

I love how you've decorated! We're in the process of trying to get a house that needs quite a bit of help in the paint and carpet department. Good to know those things really do make quite a difference. Thanks for the motivation!

Mother Ring said...

Ah, thanks Megan! You're sweet for saying so!
Best of luck on your house hunt. I think the best houses are ones that take a little blood, sweat, and tears (okay, just sweat, but the cliche works here).