Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not-so-smooth move

Well, this move has been a rollercoaster so far. I took Moses to the doctor on Friday for another ear infection. Dr. Gray prescribed Augmentin, a drug that's new to us, this time in hopes of stopping these ear infections for a bit. The antibiotic is much stronger and tougher than we're used to giving Moses, and within two hours of his first dose on Friday night, Moses was vomiting--frequently. Vomiting was a potential side effect, but after consulting a nurse and our pharmacist the next morning, we had two possible causes of the vomiting, 1) Moses picked up a stomach bug in addition to the ear infection and the time of his sickness was coincidental 2) Moses was reacting to the drug and the vomiting would disappear after the first or second dose. Hmm, the waiting game--how fun--what will the cause be?

Saturday was my first day of painting/cleaning with Sally and Maegan in the new house, and I was excited to get started even after such a rough night with Moses. Painting started well but went slowly. The house has very textured walls that made it very difficult to paint. After six hours, we were still in the same room (a large room but, whoa, still?)! The good news was that Dave informed me that Moses hadn't gotten sick anymore so we thought we were out of the woods. Sally, Maegan, and I continued working all night and finally went home at 11:00--a fourteen-hour day!

The next morning, I woke up and met Sally and Maegan at the house again for day number 2. The painting went much quicker as the texture on the walls in other rooms was much, much thinner. By the end of day two, we'd put in 11 more hours and were nearly done.

Around 2 a.m. on Monday, I woke up feeling very hungry, and thinking I was just famished from my days of hard work, I ate nearly everything I could get my hands on and I was still hungry--nauseatingly hungry. Then, I got sick to my stomach. Yup! That was a stomach bug Moses had--not a side effect to the medication--so for the next 10 hours I couldn't keep anything down. At 1:00 p.m. I was feeling better and decided to risk going to my doctor's appointment because I was concerned about dehydration and knew that hearing the baby's heartbeat would help me get through the week. Everything checked out okay: the baby's heartbeat is still in the 160s and he/she is very active. After my appointment I was feeling better but not up to working at the new house so I went home and rested. Thankfully, Sally went to our new house and continued to work on the walls so they'd be finished by the time I started (hopefully) to clean the next day.That same night, I began to run a 101 degree fever and feared I was getting the flu, but fortunately, it broke over night and I felt fine this morning.

Today, I was able to get most of the cleaning done so that we'd have everything situated for the movers tomorrow. I still haven't cleaned the kitchen or bathrooms well, but I will knock those out once the furniture's in. The house looks 120% better with fresh paint, and it's made it seem more like our home. I can't wait to show off our new house once we get settled. It'll be our home for the next three years!

Wish us a better week as we finishing moving into our new house and out of the old! And, it's less than a week until our big ultrasound. I'm thankful for our busyness--I'm hoping this week will pass quickly and we'll have that ultrasound before we know it.

I also have to take a moment to brag on Dave. He's spent the last four days (4!) watching Moses from sun up to sun down--even administering Moses' medicine and putting him to bed at night. Dave's really been patient with my need to paint and clean well and then tending to Moses and I while we were sick. He's such an awesome husband and father!


P.S. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for everyone the next time I post. We'll be off line for a couple of days and I'm sure I'll lose the camera or parts of the computer for some period of time, but I should have my act together soon!


Everyday stuff said...

Gee you are busy, I've been putting my 13yr nephew to work this week and well it's wonderful to have help! I hope you were using a non-VOC or low VOC paints for your safety and the safety of the unborn and Moses! I hope everyone starts to feel better, and enjoy the new house!

Mother Ring said...

Nope, we used old fashioned smelly paint because even using a low-VOC paint would have doubled, or tripled in some cases, our painting costs and considering that this house is a rental, it wasn't how we decided to spend our money.
I actually did very little painting (one small wall) and used a mask when needed. We opened the windows to provide good ventilation, too. I'm not as concerned about latex paint fumes as I would be oil based. I just take every other precaution I can!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I am sorry it is going so crappy. :( Hopefully things will smooth out soon. Are you loving the new house?