Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life's a blur...and so is Moses

Here I am at 18 weeks 2 days--notice the blur behind me.

It seems he's going nonstop these days. I'm pretty sure I have him to thank for my slow weight gain this time around. I think I had already gained 20 pounds at this point with him and currently, I've only put on 6 (in addition to the 15 I had left to lose of the jaw-dropping 70 pounds I gained with Mos).

If this baby comes as early as Moses did, I'm officially at the halfway point today. Yikes! Time's really flying.

Our *big* ultrasound is only two weeks away now. I'm ready to find out if this little one's a boy or girl but nervous for the diagnostic part of the exam. I'm just praying for a healthy little baby.


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Mrs. B. said...

You're adorable. So is your blur.