Monday, March 31, 2008

A Long Weekend

We are officially out of our old house (except for extracting Ninja, our stealthy black cat who's been hiding under the house since the moving mayhem started). Before we could leave that house, there were a lot (read: TONS) of things in the garage we had to get rid of since we had no interest bringing them with us to the new house--a garage sale seemed like the perfect answer. We'd wanted to do one earlier in the moving process, but Dave and I were too tired to get everything together before this past weekend.

Our garage sale was both Saturday and Sunday from 9-3, and I don't think we've ever been so tired following a day's work, even Moses crashed at 7 p.m. both evenings (very uncharacteristic of him since the time change). The weather on Saturday was projected in the mid 70s but instead was in the cool 60s so we didn't have as much traffic as we'd expected. It finally warmed up around 2, but it was too late to energize our sad sales. I ended up get burned on the forehead and nose in the few hours of sunlight I saw, but strangely (and fortunately), Moses escaped sans redness. Sunday was a much prettier, warmer day, but it wasn't great for sales either since we had to compete with church hours and lazy Sunday activities. I applied sunscreen on Moses numerous times because I was sure Saturday's unscathed skin was a fluke but then forgot subsequent applications for myself and now my arms look like a lobster's. Oh, the sacrifices a parent makes! All in all, it wasn't too bad an experience, and we did make some money for our cast off belongings. What we didn't sell we happily dropped off at Good Will (thanks, Phil, for your help).

Moses had a great time perusing our old junk and enjoyed dragging it out and "helping" us at times. When he wasn't playing with golf balls and hiding them in various objects (like an old mailbox), he patiently sat along side us in his own little chair and chatted with us using mostly nonsensical words.

We're now completely in our new place, but it's a wreck since all of our belongings are finally inside. I liked it much better when it was just our furniture and essentials. I need another week of nothing in order to get this place organized, but that's a tall order considering school is starting back for me this week and I have projects galore awaiting me. I have one month of classes left, and then I'll have four whole weeks free to get this place under control. I'm already counting down.


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