Thursday, March 27, 2008

I heart the 80s

Tuesday afternoon, I took Moses outside to play in the backyard. Considering it's been chilly for weeks now, I bundled us in sweaters and close-toed shoes before heading outdoors. Within seconds of walking outside, I turned us around for a wardrobe change--into shorts, t-shirts, and sandals! It was in the mid-eighties and has been every afternoon since! We've enjoyed every minute of it, and our new backyard makes such wonderful weather even better.

Don't ask me why he still has a bib on--the absurdity of it occurred to me later than it should have so I'll have to blame pregnancy brain for that silly lapse in logic.

I got a kick out of him in his new "big boy" swim trunks and sandals (we've only been storing them since last summer's sales), and Moses enjoyed watering his toes or the grass or Bella if she wasn't paying attention. I got the little watering can at Target several months ago to use in the bath (it's a fun rinse tool), but he really put it to good use outside where it belongs--if only I can teach him to water my potted plants that I forget about too often.


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