Friday, August 8, 2008

Another week comes to an end.

And I'm still pregnant.

That pretty much sums up this entire post. I've had varying contractions and cramps, along with some "signs," but nothing has become unbearable enough to head to the hospital. I'm convinced this baby will just fall out before long!

I've been pregnant for exactly 3 more weeks than I was when Moses arrived. Sigh. My doctor is trying to get me in for an induction but the hospital is completely booked so I'm on stand-by essentially, waiting for a bed to free up. I suppose if I just go into labor they'll have to take me, but there's no telling where I'd end up. Can I just say from experience that the renal wing is not fun when you aren't having kidney issues (and you are well under 60)?

Send some labor vibes. I'm growing nervous about Dave's need to return to work soon. I'd like to have my hubby for some transitional days!

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The everyday said...

Batman! I checked your twitter at my 3am feeding to see if anything had happened! Good luck on having that baby today!