Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week 1 Mash Up

I've started several posts over the course of the week but haven't completed any due to the overriding need for sleep, food, or child care. The following is a mash up of some of those incomplete posts:

I knew there'd be an adjustment as we transitioned from one child to two, but I didn't realize how much easier one child is in comparison. Now, I find it difficult to find the time to sleep, clean, and even eat. I've heard people say that pregnancy weight comes off much quicker with a second child, and now I know why! I'm constantly on the go and rarely have time to indulge in anything except Moses' leftovers. Every moment of craziness is worth it though because we have these moments to enjoy:

On Friday, we had our first (and last!) trip to the grocery store as a threesome. Between the nearly two hours of prep work required to leave the house with two children in tow and the chaos that ensued towards the end of our shopping trip, I must have burnt 2000 calories. If the Steeplechase can be an Olympic event, shopping with two should also be a sport. Moses did well standing in the basket of the shopping cart but found the grocery goods at his feet too tempting not to step on them. Once we had that issue resolved, Milo woke up. Let me say that steering a shopping cart, minding a toddler, and feeding a newborn is not a task for the weary. Checking out got even hairier. I think I may have scared the young woman behind me in line into lifelong abstinence. I've since resolved to take only one child to the store with me for now until I have better mastery of two (and maybe a third arm).

Moses is using a spoon like a pro now, and this week, he mastered eating yogurt, cereal, and soup with minimal mess. As a cereal fanatic, I couldn't be prouder of my little Cheerios eater. There's nothing like enjoying a breakfast of toasted oats together in the morning while his little brother snoozes. His obsession with yogurt is a little scary at the moment, but I guess there are much worse foods he could be addicted to.

Moses has also started climbing tall furniture and reaching counter tops with the help of a toddler-sized chair he's had for ages but only recently found worth his time. I've had several mini-heart attacks this week as I've found him on top of our desk, laying atop our console table, and (once!) at our butcher block with a knife. These recent events have me reconsidering our household layout and I expect we'll be doing a lot more toddler-proofing in the coming days.

Dave's parents and niece also stopped by on Saturday to see Milo and Moses (and us, too). Milo enjoyed all the attention from his grandparents and Moses was giggling non-stop with his cousin, Jasmin.

I aim to start posting regularly again soon and will be sure to post more pictures of the boys, too. Poor Milo's life hasn't been chronicled nearly enough as it should have been at this point, but I'm going to make an earnest effort to get the camera out more these days.


Mrs. B. said...

The boys are precious.
Oh yeah, and I still find it hard to take both to the grocery store. Being a mom of two was soooo much harder for me than one.
Sounds like you're doing great though. :)

Mrs. P Martinez said...

Thanks for the update. I've been checking our blog religiously! Glad things are going good. :o)