Friday, August 22, 2008

My daily dilemma

Most days the boys will nap at the same time and I'm met with the same daily dilemma: Do I clean? Do I nap? Do I waste hours online? It's so difficult to make a choice because various parts of my mind are itching for different decisions.

Yesterday, I desperately wanted to sleep but Moses was being stubborn about napping. Despite acting tired, he just wanted to PLAY! WITH! CARS! Finally, in early afternoon, he crashed while playing with those cars.

Thankfully, I still was able to get in a power nap before the craziness set in again.

1 comment:

JDM said...

I can so relate! You finally have "free time" (Ha Ha)and there are a million things you'd like to do! But, I say nap as much as possible during these early weeks. Sleep is way too hard to come by with little ones!