Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just for belly laughs

I consider myself a stoic person as it usually takes a lot to solicit an out-loud laugh from me so I have to give Nicole kudos for this comment on my last post:

"Gahhhhh, you are still pregnant? You are going to give birth to a MAN."

Maybe it's just my delicate state (is a 205-pound pregnant women still considered delicate?) but I had a good laugh at that remark because I do, in fact, also think I'm going to give birth to a MAN.

Thanks, Nicole, that made my still-pregnant evening.


Mrs. B. said...

Ai yai yai! Still???
There have been babies born with teeth already broken through...maybe that will happen. Or maybe he'll have facial hair already...

Anonymous said...

Glad my utter lack of sensitivity amused you. :)