Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's morning.

And I'm still pregnant.

Each morning I wake up and tell Dave, "I can't believe I'm still pregnant" and he shakes his head in mutual disbelief. I was hopeful last night would be the night because I was having some semi-painful contractions around 10 minutes apart, but they faded after an hour and never came back.

Moses had a rough night last night, too, so I was more conscious of the fact that I wasn't near labor each time I was up with him. I'm not sure if Moses is beginning to have night terrors or what, but lately he wakes up with a fright and is inconsolable unless we turn on a light and get up for a bit. Last night he howled for an hour even with our solace and didn't calm down until I turned on a closet light and suggested we read a book. So, we read books and watched old episodes of The Muppet Show from 3-5 a.m. before he crashed again. I wish I knew what was bothering him at night. These freak outs aren't ideal for a family about to welcome a newborn!

My still-pregnant state has me thinking that maybe this stubborn little boy in my uterus is holding out for an 08-08-08 birthday. Wouldn't that be a great birth date? I'm sure there'll be a lot of intentional deliveries that day though so I'm not sure I'd enjoy a crowded hospital stay. For Moses, we had a nice, big room, but I've heard stories of women delivering in a tiny triage room (no TV!) on busy days. Yuck. I'd also be stuck watching Olympic coverage for my stay. I'm a fan of the sporting event, but at times the coverage is a bit overkill. Isn't it funny that I'm concerning myself with my possible TV schedule in the event I deliver post opening ceremony? I can't help but think about what mindless entertainment I'll have in those early, tired days, and I love me some boob tube.


The everyday said...

so this might sound strange but when ever you start to have contractions get on your hands and knees! One of my good friends (that worked in l&d for 5 yrs) had me do that when I was having slight contractions and for some reason it can really kick things into gear. She said they would have women on the beds in l&d on their hands and knees all the time when their labor wasnt progressing like they wanted! Its worth a shot at this point! :)

Mrs. P Martinez said...

My birthday is on 08-08! :o)

Nicole said...

Gahhhhh, you are still pregnant? You are going to give birth to a MAN.