Monday, August 18, 2008

Like night and day

It seems Milo is falling into the easier-second-child stereotype I've frequently heard about, and I couldn't be more thrilled (and dumbfounded) by his mellowness. I wouldn't say Moses was a difficult baby--okay, maybe I would--but he never slept for longer than 20 minutes at a time, refused to sleep on his back, was very difficult to soothe, and didn't allow anyone but Dave and I to care for him. Of course, he's my little boy and I love him all the more for those long sleepless nights and difficult days, but I will say it's nice to have an easier baby this time around. I'm sure my very writing of this post will jinx Milo's easy-going disposition, but at least I'm documenting this beautiful time.

Milo's been a dreamy sleeper and eater and even soothes himself back to sleep with little effort. He's a sound sleeper too, sleeping through Moses' untimely lawn mowing episodes and the occasional toddler fit.

Moses is vacillating between being a helpful big brother and jealous sibling, which is understandable. One minute he'll offer his juice to Milo or show concern for his crying, and the next he'll throw a fit over Milo sitting in his bouncy seat or being held by Mommy. Overall, he's really done a great job accepting his new brother and the changes he's brought with him and been a tender, shining poster child for big brotherhood.


David, Meghan, and Brady Azam. said...

I love how cute they are with their little legs all scrunched up. Brady Jack still sits like that sometimes...I love babies at this age. Too sweet. Milo is adorable. I just want to kiss his sweet face.

The everyday said...

I was wondering how you were doing! I hope you didn't jinx your self, I know I did lol!